Average Cost Of Taking An Online CFA Exam

Average Cost Of Taking An Online CFA Exam



The average cost of taking the CFA training in Dubai varies widely. It can range anywhere from DH 3,500 to DH 8,500. Travel expenses are another factor that can greatly increase exam costs. In addition to the exam cost, you will also need to purchase materials from CFAI. Aside from these costs, you should also be aware of the rescheduling fee.

Cost of taking an online CFA exam:

Taking an online CFA exam is affordable for those unable to attend a traditional classroom course. Several CFA preparation books are available, some of which can be bought in multiples, to help prepare for the exam. Study guides usually guide students through exam topics and provide practice tests and problems. This approach can be very effective but requires discipline on the part of the student.

The CFA exam costs approximately AED 3,050 for early registration and DH 3,950 for standard registration. Several scholarship programs offered by the CFA institute can help you afford the cost. If you do not pass the first time, you will have to pay a DH 250 re-testing fee.

CFAI materials required:

The CFA Program curriculum can be purchased in print or digital format. The digital version of the curriculum includes the curriculum and study tools, and the print version contains the curriculum in six volumes. You can purchase the digital curriculum when you register for the exam or a print copy of the curriculum separately.

Rescheduling fee:

If you cannot take your CFA exam on time, you may be able to change the date. However, you must submit your request before the deadline. Otherwise, you will be charged a DH 250 nonrefundable rescheduling fee. You can reschedule your CFA exam via the link provided on your candidate tile. You can also change the date and location of the exam. However, you must do this within sixty days of your original scheduled exam.

It would help if you used the pro-metric scheduling tool to schedule your exam online. It will help you choose your preferred test center, dates, and time slots. Once you have chosen a test date, you will receive a confirmation email from pro-metric with the new details. It would help if you waited for the new confirmation to check whether the test center you originally scheduled for your exam is available.