Digital Sputnik Lighting- Important Things To Know About It

Digital Sputnik Lighting- Important Things To Know About It



Digital Sputnik lighting is one of the newest tools for filmmakers. The light source was used on Rogue One and is already making a name for itself. The company has also released Voyager, a color temperature, hue, and saturation tunable light source. If you’re looking for the perfect lighting source for your next project, read about its capabilities and benefits.

DS3 LED modular light basic system

The DS3 LED modular light basic systemcomes with a 30-foot power cord, three DS light module RGBWs, and a cardboard storage box. All three units work together to create a single, symmetrical lighting effect. The three units are dimmable from 0-100% flicker-free. These lights also feature full RGB and primary color rendering. The system is also DMX-compatible with a separately available DMX module. It has a limited 3-year warranty. The system uses proprietary 4-channel HSL controls that enable a precise mix of white balance and tint. The system’s microprocessor software allows for this high level of precision.

DS6 LED modular light system

If you need a powerful light system for your production, look no further than the digital sputnik lighting DS6 LED frame wired DMX/RDM system. This system features a massive metal frame with six DS LED modules and a set of reversible 3×1 Diffuser lenses. The system also has a DMX control panel for wired remote control of DS LED modules.

The DS6 frame tilts to accommodate six DS LED modules and has built-in cables that connect directly to the frame’s AC power supply. For even more flexibility, Digital Sputnik offers a Diffuser Lens 34/76 with a bag to adjust the light’s beam spread. This lens fits over three lamps inside the DS6 frame and can narrow the beam spread to 34° or 76°.

APOLLO 1 LED light modular system

If you’re in the market for a new LED light fixture, consider the Apollo 1 LED light modular system from Digital Sputnik. This lighting fixture features 16 high-output RGBW LEDs and a tight beam angle of 20 degrees. The fixture also includes full App control and Pixel/ Media mapping.

The Apollo 1’s user-friendly interface uses Art-Net protocol to control other DS lighting fixtures. It features a built-in DMX controller that sends Art-Net protocol packets through a Wi-Fi connection. The light’s Kelvin color temperature can be controlled between 1500K and 10,000K, and it features passive and active cooling to help keep the light’s temperature low.