Things To Know Before You Order Chinese Food

Things To Know Before You Order Chinese Food



Chinese food is great for a quick meal on a busy night. Many dishes can easily be made into a main dish with additional ingredients such as shredded chicken, rice, or frozen veggies. For instance, miso soup is good with a fried or poached egg. You can also make vegetable fritters from shredded carrots. However, if you want to order Chinese food around, there are a few things you need to know.

Xiao Fei (xiaofei) is a small fee:

The Xiao Fei (xiao) fee is usually a nominal charge added to the cost of each order of Chinese food. You must place a larger order if you want to order many specific dishes. The Xiao Fei fee is great for supporting your favorite Chinese restaurant.

Noodles and fried rice are not for a festive group outing:

Fried rice and noodles are Chinese staples, and although you won’t see them on a festive group outing with Chinese food, they are an excellent option for a celebratory gathering. They are a filling, quick meal and are often served on the day of a birthday. They are also considered lucky food, a sign of long life.

Soy sauce is a healthy alternative to traditional soy sauce:

Soy sauce is a healthy alternative to the traditional soy sauce that you would use in Chinese cooking. Soy sauce can be made in several types, such as acid-hydrolyzed soy sauce or enzyme-hydrolyzed soy sauce. You can also buy blended soy sauce.

Dofu is steamed, not fried:

If you’re a vegetarian, you might feel limited by the Chinese restaurant menu in UAE. To avoid this, choose a vegetarian dish that’s steamed, not fried. Tofu is an excellent choice for vegetarians, as it is high in protein and helps you feel full for longer. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer, light lunch, or dinner.

Rainbow stir fry is loaded with fiber-rich veggies:

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get your daily serving of vegetables, rainbow stir fry is for you. This dish combines a variety of fiber-rich veggies and a tasty sauce that’s sugar-free and paleo-friendly. It’s also great to take advantage of the fresh produce in farmer’s markets.