What Is An Apple Authorized Reseller?

What Is An Apple Authorized Reseller?



Apple authorized resellers in Dubai can be found worldwide and are important to the company’s retail strategy. They are authorized and comply with strict standards to sell Apple products. There is various partner that sells apple products through their website. However, this partnership requires approval from Apple and at least Dh 2.5 million of refurbished inventory to qualify. Despite the competition, Apple-authorized resellers continue to play a vital role in the company’s business model and make up a large portion of Apple’s worldwide sales.

Limited service providers:

Apple authorized resellers (AASP) are business entities authorized to provide parts and services for Apple products. These companies must meet certain criteria, including achieving a premium status in Apple’s “Service Excellence” metrics. They must also meet certain visual brand guidelines and maintain high customer satisfaction. If a business can achieve this status, it will receive additional benefits, only revealed once Apple approves it.

AASPs provide repairs for Apple products and are authorized by Apple to provide in-warranty and out-of-warranty services. Apple provides resources to these organizations to ensure the highest level of customer service and quality of the repair. In addition, AASPs must promote Apple’s brand, AppleCare protection, and Apple support products.

Managed service providers:

Apple authorized resellers (AASP) are businesses that offer Apple products to their customers. Apple supports its AASPs with resources to ensure the best customer experience and service. Once an AASP has met the requirements, it can be upgraded to a premium service provider status.

Managed service providers offer a variety of products and services that help businesses manage Apple devices. They offer comprehensive mobile management solutions that lower the total cost of ownership and help employees be more productive.

They meet high standards:

Apple-authorized resellers are retailers selling Apple products online or in their physical stores. These resellers often have special sections dedicated to selling Apple products. They act like mini Apple stores. Unlike regular retailers, Apple-authorized resellers are not allowed to discount products without permission from Apple.

The quality of an Apple-authorized reseller is largely dependent on its reputation. This is because Apple will not tolerate sub-par services from third-party resellers, which can negatively affect a company’s image. In order to avoid this, Apple moved its customer support operations in-house, ensuring that it controlled customers’ experience. Resellers can advertise their support channels online, through social media, or through advertising.